Restaurant Grease Hood Cleaning in Houston.

Your restaurant’s kitchen is probably non-stop action, and that’s good! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc wants to keep you moving with our restaurant grease hood cleaning service! We’re the most reliable professional kitchen cleaning service in Houston, and we’re willing to do whatever it takes to prove it to you! Our services focus on hood cleaning because that’s where everything starts. If you’re going to have an issue with your exhaust system, it will probably originate in the hood since every bit of grease and smoke travels through when leaving your kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen hood vent can get clogged or coated in grease. When this happens, you have several problems on your hands:

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1.It’s stinky The smell of French fries or barbecued ribs might be mouth-watering today, but how will it smell next week, when those odors are still hanging around? 2.It looks disgusting Excess grease will coat the inside and outside of your kitchen hoods, leaving behind a brown, sticky residue that’s impossible to remove with commercial cleaners. 3.It’s a major fire hazard Most importantly, it’s a huge risk to let excess grease build up in your ducts and in the hood of your exhaust system. A grease fire in your kitchen will turn into a huge blaze if it finds fuel in your exhaust system. Also regular restaurant grease hood cleaning is mandated by the government. Some establishments are required to have their kitchen hoods cleaned every 30 days, while others are mandated at 90 days.

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Certain instances only warrant yearly or bi-yearly cleanings. If you are unsure of which category your business falls into, you should check with an expert kitchen cleaning team like Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc for the latest specs and updates. Restaurant grease hood cleaning has many benefits when it’s done right. Choose a reputable company, and you’ll enjoy all of the advantages of a system that works just like a new one! Your exhaust system will work better when it is cleaned regularly. It will remove more of the smoke and odors created during your cooking processes. This means that you’ll have better air quality in your restaurant, and you’ll save on your energy bill as well, since the ventilation system doesn’t have to work so hard to remove unwanted particles.

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If you don’t believe that it’s possible for your hoods to look and perform like new again, let Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc show you some of our remarkable before and after pictures. You won’t believe your eyes when you see what we’ve been able to do with other Houston-area restaurants, hotels, and cafeterias. If you still want more proof, ask us for references, and we can put you in touch with some of our former customers who are more that satisfied with their experience working with us and, of course, with the finished product. Reduce your risk of fire, improve your employees’ working environment, and stay up-to-date on those all-important health codes with just one call to Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc!

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