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Hood cleaning is one of the most important things you can do for your restaurant, yet it will go largely unnoticed when it’s done regularly. This is why many restaurant owners and managers of other types of commercial kitchens often forget about having hood cleaning service, or they skip it because something more evident needs attention, too. At Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc, we completely understand that these slip-ups can happen. Before you know it, the exhaust system in your commercial kitchen could be in terrible condition. In the worst cases, it could even be a fire hazard that you know nothing about.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Rather than risking the safety of your business and livelihood, keep close tabs on how often you are having the exhaust system cleaned in your restaurant. Hood cleaning service should be performed at regular intervals, but how often you need to have this service done depends on the type of cooking you do in your kitchen and your restaurant’s operating hours. Here is a summary of the federal guidelines for hood cleaning service. These are going to be basically the same guidelines you will see in your insurance policy, and your local fire marshal will have similar, if not the exact same, standards as well. Once a year – Clean hoods over non-grease appliances in every restaurant. Every 6 months – Clean pizza restaurant oven hoods.

Every 3 months – Clean hoods in hospital kitchens, hotels, cafeterias, and most restaurants. Every month – Clean hoods above wood-burning and charcoal-burning stoves, fast food restaurant hoods over fryers and ovens, and hoods in all restaurants that are open 24 hours. This code of standards will keep every food service industry safe from the risk of fires, and they keep each type of establishment well within the national health inspectors’ standards. In addition, they will help owners and managers to keep the air within their restaurant as clean as possible since no excess grease or smoke will be allowed to linger in the duct system and drift back into the breathable air.

Pasadena Hood Cleaning

If hood cleaning service isn’t high on your list of priorities for your commercial kitchen, we completely understand, but at Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc, we’d like to help you understand just how important it is to the health of everyone in your kitchen to keep the hoods and duct system clean at all times. Besides the health concerns, you also have to think about the appearance of your kitchen hoods. If someone were to walk into your restaurant’s kitchen right now, would they see greasy stains overhead, or would they see sparkling stainless steel? Think of the impression it would make on your guests if they could see the kitchen where their delicious meals are being prepared, then consider how important hood cleaning service could be to your restaurant. 
Even if you clean every day, there are areas that will still require a professional touch. For hood cleaning, there’s Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc in Houston, TX! We have to tools and skills to get your kitchen hoods professionally clean!

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