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If you’re a restaurant owner, or if you manage a commercial kitchen in a hotel, hospital, school, or live-in care facility, then you’re quite familiar with the concept of a grease trap and the important role it plays in your kitchen. Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc is a professional kitchen cleaning service in Houston that proudly serves businesses in the metro area and well beyond the bustling city perimeter! Grease trap cleaning is one of our most requested services, and for good reason! Cleaning the grease trap and inceptor will keep fats, oils, and grease from accumulating and mixing with wastewater that will find its way into your sewer. We probably don’t have to tell you what a nightmare that could be! Your sewer system is not designed to handle deposits of solid fats or large amounts of liquid oil or grease.

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Letting fats, oil, and grease – also known in our industry as FOG – buildup in your septic system can cause backups and blockages in your septic tank that could result in expensive septic tank cleaning or even an untimely replacement! In addition, your grease trap can put off an unappetizing smell that’s impossible to mask. Keeping it clean will eliminate this issue. You can easily avoid these restaurant catastrophes that could shut your restaurant down for days by keeping up with your grease trap maintenance schedule. If it seems overwhelming to keep tabs on when it’s time to call your professional grease trap cleaners, let Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc help you out! When you work with us, we can set you up on a regular cleaning schedule and even remind you of a friendly phone call a day or two before we’ll be coming out.

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We know our customers come to depend on us, and we promise not to let them down! Grease trap cleaning is usually required every 90 days for most food service facilities; however, you and your commercial kitchen cleaner will have to determine if this frequency is enough to keep your grease trap clear of FOG which can interfere with your grease trap’s ability to do its job properly. For this reason, it’s important to have a company that you trust by your side, a company that will give you their honest recommendation rather than requiring services that aren’t necessary just to make a buck. If you’re still looking for a company you can trust, Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc is it! Not only is grease trap cleaning important to your kitchen, but it can also protect the environment. If a clog develops in your sewer system because of a backed-up grease trap, the overflow could spill out into the streets or your parking lot, creating an unpleasant odor and making your restaurant unpopular with customers and your neighbors!

Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc can clean your grease trap and work with you to plan a cleaning schedule that will best benefit your business, and we can also provide you with helpful tips that will keep your grease trap and inceptor clean between professional maintenance and cleanings.

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