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On the outskirts of Houston’s bustling downtown lies one of Texas’s best-kept secrets, the community of Pasadena, TX! The city stretches from just outside the downtown perimeter all the way to the coast, so there’s an unbelievable amount of diversity to be found here. Restaurants, schools, hospitals…basically any establishment with a commercial kitchen will need reliable Pasadena hood cleaning in the near future, but where do you turn? You’ll probably have contractors that will tell you they can do your professional kitchen cleaning services, but you cannot choose a company at random to do this very important job! It could cost you a lot more than the price of their services! Here’s why…You could receive a poor rating from your local health inspector.

Hood Grease Cleaning

A low enough rating could result in closing the doors of your restaurant, maybe for good. If your chosen company doesn’t do a good enough job cleaning the ducts in your restaurant kitchen, the inspector can lawfully close down your restaurant for fire and health measures. Your restaurant could earn a bad reputation. They say that even bad publicity is good publicity, but that’s not entirely true. When patrons leave your restaurant, you want them raving about the service, the food, and the atmosphere. A restaurant that stinks like yesterday’s tacos isn’t going to have anyone bragging about your place. Your kitchen could be the cause of a devastating fire. Kitchen fires are responsible for more than one-third of all restaurant fires.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Dirty ducts, hoods, and filters are a key reason that many of those fires are inextinguishable. The fire is able to swell because the particles inside your kitchen exhaust system are the perfect material to keep it going strong. Pasadena hood cleaning is something to take very seriously so that none of these things happen to you! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc is based in Houston, TX, but we make our services available to the entire city of Pasadena. Every restaurant and any other type of commercial kitchen should have the best cleaning services at their beckon call. When you call, we answer! Our crew, certified and experienced, will deliver the best service at the best prices. This we can guarantee. We choose from a range of services based on the individual job before us so that you get the best results possible.

The value of our work can also be found in our knowledge of the business, knowledge that we can and will pass on to our clients if they are inquisitive about what we are doing and why. Also, we can supply information about government-mandated hood cleaning schedules so that you never miss a mandatory cleaning and get your restaurant into one of the unfortunate situations above. Kitchen exhaust systems are our specialty, so Pasadena hood cleaning falls right into our wheelhouse. We’ll have your hoods cleaner than they’ve ever been, inside and out, after just one visit. See the difference that a professional, certified team can make in your commercial kitchen. Call Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc today!

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