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If you own a restaurant in Missouri City, chances are that you have your eye on earning the Missouri City City Council’s Clean Restaurant award. This designation is reserved for restaurants earning and maintaining a score of 95 or better on their routine health inspections, and it’s a huge honor and a sign that you’re doing something right! Given out twice a year, these awards are presented to only a handful of restaurants. Yours should be one of them! Let Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc help with Missouri City hood cleaning service help where you need it most, in your kitchen’s exhaust system!

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

While your staff is cooking up delectable dishes, they are also creating a lot of steam and smoke. Tiny particles – grease, oil, ash, and soot – are also present in what seems to be harmless vapor. When your exhaust system performs the way it’s intended to, those invisible particles will be removed from the kitchen’s atmosphere and pulled into the hood then the duct system. The misconception is that the grease and other cooking by-products are gone at that point. They aren’t. They are actually hiding within your exhaust system. This is both dangerous and unhealthy for your restaurant. Dangers The danger that presents itself is this: a grease fire could result from having a dirty exhaust system.

Keeping the hood and duct work clean means that you have a much lower chance of a fire igniting in your kitchen. In fact, according to the National Fire Prevention Association, routine hood cleaning is the most important thing you can do to decrease the risk of fire in your restaurant. The less fuel a fire can find, the easier it will be to put out, so keep the ventilation system in your kitchen as clean as possible at all times! Health Risks You can’t ignore the health benefits of regular hood cleaning, either.

Hood Cleaning Service

Your employees who spend hours each day in the kitchen should have a comfortable environment to work in, and it’s your responsibility to provide that. Clean ventilation systems provide cleaner air and better air flow for your employees. In addition, a clogged system will redirect the smoky or grease-laden air back out into your dining area so that your customers’ dining experiences are affected by unpleasant odors in the air. Breathing this air for a short time is annoying for them, but it is downright unsafe for your staff. Take the appropriate action to ensure you get reliable Missouri City hood cleaning services! 
You work hard to ensure that your food preparation and handling practices are top-notch. Now it’s time to take a look at the behind-the-scenes cleaning that will put you over the top on your next health inspection! Regular, thorough hood cleaning is a big step in the right direction! Missouri City hood cleaning that will get you a score of 95 or above – and a coveted Clean Restaurant award – is closer and more attainable than you realize! Call Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc in Houston, TX to arrange for your next hood cleaning or for an inspection and an estimate of our service costs.

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