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Did you know that it’s possible for grease to ignite in any form? Whether it’s a solid, a liquid, or a vapor, grease is a dangerous substance in your commercial kitchen. One spark or out-of-control flame is all it would take to set your restaurant kitchen ablaze in just a few seconds. Avoid the unnecessary risk of a grease fire with kitchen exhaust hood cleaning by Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc!With a location in beautiful Houston, TX, Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc can serve every restaurant in the greater Houston area. From churches, rec centers, and senior living facilities to fast food restaurants, pizza joints, and taco stands, Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc can do it all! Talk to us today about the specific government recommendations for your establishment. Some require more frequent kitchen exhaust hood cleaning, while others can go as long as a year in between cleanings. If you own a new Houston business and you just aren’t sure, don’t get overwhelmed by all the standards and regulations! Let a professional team like ours sit down with you and outline the exact specifications for your restaurant’s needs! Besides obeying the law, here are three more great reasons to have your kitchen hoods cleaned by a professional on a regular basis:

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1.Half of the restaurant fires reported every year start in the kitchen. It’s hard to believe that they all don’t start there, actually, but issues like faulty wiring are at fault some of the time. Still, if a fire of any kind makes it to your kitchen’s exhaust system, you’d better be sure that the hood and ducts as grease-free to avoid major damage. 2.Even cooking equipment that you wouldn’t think could start a fire actually can. You’d probably guess that deep fat fryers rank high on the list of cooking equipment that starts fires. It also makes sense that open-fire grills are a high risk, but restaurant owners are sometimes surprised when they learn that ovens and stoves can start fires with the amount of heat they put off, not just with an open flame. 3.Fire suppression systems don’t always work.

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Modern kitchen exhaust systems have duct work that is sealed better than older systems in the attempt to keep grease fires from spreading. They are extremely effective, but if you have one, that doesn’t mean that you can ignore your routine kitchen exhaust hood cleaning! You’ll still need to maintain a clean system in order to keep the risk of fire as low as possible. In addition to preventing fires and staying in line with local and federal food service codes, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor when you call Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc. We can make the air inside your restaurant feel fresh and clean – a noticeable difference from other restaurants that feel stuffy and dirty because of grease and smoke that’s sitting inside their kitchen exhaust system.

You’ll know the difference, and your customers and employees will notice it, too! Call us today for an estimate!

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