Industrial Hood Cleaning

Our services are specially designed to help prevent fires and to extend the life of your kitchen exhaust system. We’re Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc, and we’re the only company you need for industrial hood cleaning services! You’d be amazed – and pretty concerned – if we told you the number of restaurant fires that are reported each year and the lives that are affected by them, not to mention the monetary damages that are incurred by restaurants just like yours.

We’ll spare you the statistics, but believe us when we say that they’re all far higher than they should be! At Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc, we firmly believe that regular, professional hood cleaning will greatly reduce the likelihood of a grease fire occurring in your restaurant. The materials your restaurant uses for cooking – oil, grease, wood, or charcoal – are also perfect materials to start a fire and keep one going. Fires in your exhaust system can happen faster than you think when the extreme heat from cooking equipment in your kitchen heats up the leftover grease that’s still hanging around in your exhaust system.

Kitchen Hood Cleaners in Texas

A fire can erupt spontaneously unless you keep the exhaust system clean. Industrial hood cleaning is a service we offer because we know that it’s nearly impossible for the average restaurant owner to do this type of invasive cleaning. Even if you did have the time to clean your kitchen hoods and exhaust system yourself, you are probably lacking the equipment and training to do the job right. That’s why there’s Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc in Houston, TX! We can handle any size job, no matter how long it’s been since your kitchen hoods were last cleaned. As you well know, there are many health and cleanliness standards that govern the food industry. Keeping up with all of them can be a major headache.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

You would probably welcome all the help that you can get. When you choose us, we’ll set up an industrial hood cleaning schedule that follows the National Fire Protection Association standards and your local health inspector’s codes as well. We’ll take one thing off your plate (no pun intended) so that you can focus your attention on things that your customers will see, hear, and taste! We serve all manner of cooking establishments, so call us no matter how large or small your kitchen’s demands are. Here are a few of the industrial cooking operations that we serve:

  • Day camps
  • Seasonal businesses
  • Senior centers Churches
  • Chain restaurants
  • Restaurants open for only 1-2 meals per day
  • Restaurants open 24 hours a day
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Restaurants that charbroil or cook with a wok or stovetop grill


This list is only to give you an idea of how vast our service area really is. If you own any type of food service business in or around Houston, you must have your kitchen hoods cleaned by a professional team. Let Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc be your choice for the most reliable service and the best clean you’ll find anywhere!

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