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If you own a restaurant in Houston, then Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc is a name you need to know! We’re the all-inclusive restaurant hood cleaning service for the area, and we’re just waiting for your call! Houston TX restaurant hood cleaning is important for several reasons. First and foremost, it makes for a clean, safe work space for your employees. Cleaning the hoods in your commercial kitchen can reduce the risk of a grease fire by more than half. The chances of a grease fire spreading once it starts go down even more than that when you keep the hoods, vents, and ducts clear of any leftover grease. Leaving grease sitting in the ductwork or in the stove hood for an extended time is practically inviting a fire to leap up and take advantage of the ready fuel. You can protect everyone and everything in your kitchen from grease fires by following a regular hood cleaning schedule.

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Regular hood cleaning also provides a fine dining experience for your customers. Even if you have a casual restaurant that doesn’t necessarily fry a lot of foods, you still to have your kitchen hoods cleaned often to keep yesterday’s smells from hanging around. Restaurants that serve Mexican specialties, Chinese food, or anything cooked over an open flame still need to have hood cleaning services done on a regular basis. Hood cleaning can remove more than just grease. It will also help control strong odors emanating from your kitchen. Houston TX restaurant hood cleaning has the added benefit of making your exhaust system work more efficiently. This benefits you in two ways. First, your energy bill should go down. When your exhaust system is clean, it will be better able to remove all the grease and smoke from your kitchen. Second, your system will work better for longer.

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Any electrical appliance will have an extended life when it is well cared for. The same is true for your kitchen’s exhaust system. Take care of it, and it will take care of you! Any time you can improve the efficiency of your kitchen, you should take full advantage of the opportunity, especially when all it takes is regular maintenance. If you are looking for Houston TX restaurant hood cleaning, you’ve come to the right place! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc is proud to bring our years of experience to the Houston area, with all the benefits you’d expect from a veteran team of experienced hood cleaners! Our team is trained and experienced in all types of kitchen hood cleaning, and we know which method to use in each situation.

The amount of grease buildup you have can determine how we go about cleaning your hoods. The type of cooking you do in your commercial kitchen can also play a part in our decision. If there’s more than one cleaning process that will work, we can explain each of them to you and give you an estimate for them, then you can choose based on the facts.

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