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If you are looking for professional hood cleaning near Houston TX, you’ve come to the right place! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc has a longstanding reputation in the field of commercial kitchen cleaning, and we’re happy to serve customers here in Houston who owns restaurants, hotels, hospitals, food trucks, day care centers, and senior living facilities…plus a whole lot more! We are a full-service commercial kitchen cleaner, so from the grease trap to the exhaust system, we can completely clean your kitchen to make it a safe, clean place to work. If you’re like us (and we bet you are), nothing is too good when it comes to the care of your business. It’s your livelihood and the place you spend a big chunk of your time. It’s the same for your staff, as you probably realize. Having the hoods in your restaurant’s kitchen kept spotlessly clean at all times is the best way to provide all of you with the comfortable environment that you and your employees deserve.

Hood Cleaning

Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc is the only company you’ll ever need to help you with this very important task! Our team knows exactly what to do to remove even the toughest stains, and they will protect your other kitchen surfaces during your hood cleaning so that the rest of the kitchen looks as good as the hoods will when we’re finished! Think of us first when you need hood cleaning near Houston TX! The Importance of Cleaning Each Component of your Kitchen Exhaust System.

Hood Grease Cleaning

Your kitchen’s exhaust system should be inspected and cleaned according to the National Fire Prevention Association’s stringent guidelines. Upon each inspection, your kitchen cleaning company should look at every nook and cranny of your kitchen’s exhaust system. Giving your system a general cleaning isn’t going to be enough to remove all the grease, dust, and ash that may have accumulated there, especially in those hard to reach places! When Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc is hired to do a kitchen hood cleaning for a Houston area restaurant, we give each job the attention that it requires. We’ll carefully inspect the entire system to make sure we know which areas are in need of a little extra care.

Corners, creases, and bends in the exhaust system are notorious for catching small particles and not wanting to let go! We’ll make sure each of these areas is inspected and thoroughly cleaned! According to the NFPA, hood cleaning near Houston TX requires several components of your kitchen’s exhaust system to be cleaned. Those components include the following: Hoods Grease removal devices Fans Ducts All other appurtenances

Having these areas professionally cleaned will keep you in line with the NFPA’s Section 11.6.2. Any part of your kitchen exhaust system can become coated in grease, making it a danger to your kitchen if a grease fire were to suddenly flame up. You can also risk the health and safety of your kitchen staff. Grease build-up makes the surfaces in your kitchen slick, and it can reduce the quality of the air that you, your employees, and your customers are breathing!

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