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If you don’t currently have a grease removal company that handles your kitchen hood cleaning, then consider giving Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc in Houston, TX a call! We are a trustworthy, experienced team that has seen and done it all when it comes to commercial hood cleaning! When you use Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc, you’ll know that you’re getting the very best cleaning experience for your money. Not only will we get your kitchen exhaust system up to code, but we’ll go as far as it takes to make sure that your kitchen is a safe place to work as well.

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Just because a contractor says they’ve cleaned your exhaust system doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve gone the extra mile for you. But when you choose us, that’s exactly what it means! You need a grease removal company that will work with you to create a hood cleaning schedule that’s right for your restaurant, cafeteria, or another type of commercial kitchen. Some cooking methods create more grease and soot residue for the exhaust system to have to process, while others produce much less. Knowing which cleaning schedule to follow, according to federal guidelines, can be tricky. Depend on your professional kitchen cleaning company to interpret these standards for you and keep you on track with your regular cleanings! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc can help you understand other things about hood cleaning as well. For example, we can explain the difference between scraping, pressure washing, and steam cleaning your hoods and ducts.

Each of these methods has its benefits. In some cases, it may be purely up to you, the customer, which method we use. Other times, we may see a need for one specific cleaning method over another. In these cases, we’ll explain to you in detail why we believe that one grease removal method is better than another in your situation. Scraping – Scraping is the least expensive hood cleaning option, and it does a very good job getting the greasy film out of your ducts and off the hood. It doesn’t require any special equipment, but care must be taken to do a thorough job so that subsequent damages don’t occur.

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Pressure Washing – Pressure washing uses high powered water to clean the kitchen exhaust system. It takes longer to prepare for a pressure washing service because we must plan for the waste water that will be generated during the cleaning. It is more expensive to pressure wash since it requires special equipment and more time. Steam Cleaning – Another option is steam cleaning. Both steam cleaning and pressure washing will get your exhaust system back to bare metal, which is what the National Fire Protection Association recommends. This method is also more expensive because of the equipment needed, but it is a sure way to clean every part of your exhaust system.

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