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Fire prevention is important whether you own a home, commercial business, or a restaurant. This matter cant be left to chance if you are serious about protecting your investments, your personal property and the people you love. You install smoke alarms in your home and practice safety measures there. And when Houston restaurants want dependable fire prevention, they call Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc! Fire safety Houston TX can trust begins with keeping a clean exhaust system in your commercial kitchen. It is estimated that one in three restaurant fires begin in the kitchen. Some research says that its closer to half, but because some minor fires go unreported every year, its hard to determine an exact figure.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Nonetheless, its a fact that keeping your kitchen exhaust system clean is the number one way toprevent the spread of fire throughout your restaurant. When your kitchen hoods are doing their job, they suck air, grease, and smoke up and out of the kitchen. This keeps the air moving, and it removes unwanted cooking byproducts from the indoor environment. The problem is that some of these particles get stuck in the hood or duct system leading out of your kitchen. Left unchecked, your exhaust system could accumulate an unbelievable amount of grease, dust, and ash. These things are the perfect fuel for fire, as your local fire officials will tell you.

Restaurant Equipment Cleaning

Therefore, cleaning the hoods, vents, filters and ducts in your commercial kitchen will provide the fire safety Houston TX needs! If you are not sure what the requirements are for your commercial kitchen, a professional team like Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc can help you sort through the local and federal fire safety codes to determine how often your commercial kitchens ventilation system should be professionally cleaned. Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc abides by Houston city ordinances for routine cleanings, and we also respect the ecological environment surrounding Houston restaurants, cafeterias, and bars. We only use green products and cleaning procedures that are certified as non-harmful to the plants, animals, and waterways surrounding our great city! In addition, we follow the National Fire Prevention Associations 96 Standards for fire prevention. In short, well help you dot all your is and cross all your ts when it comes to fire safety in Houston, TX! Many restaurants have modern exhaust systems these days which are designed to wick flames away from the kitchen.

The only outlet the fire will have with these systems is the exterior vent that leads straight out of your restaurant. But these systems can lend their owners a false sense of security. Even if your exhaust system is top-of-the-line, you still need to have your hoods and ducts cleaned on a regular basis! The fire safety Houston TX deserves is closer and more convenient than you think. Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc has a location in beautiful Houston, so we can serve any commercial kitchen in or around the city. Additionally, we are committed to fast, efficient service that keeps you open for business with a safe, healthy cooking environment!

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