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Grease fires are a restaurant owner’s worst fear. You can train your staff on how to minimize the risk of grease fires while they are working, but what are YOU doing to prevent the worst from happening? If you can’t think of anything in particular, keep reading about commercial restaurant hood cleaning! It’s the best way for an owner or kitchen manager to lower the potential for grease fires in their restaurant kitchen. Thousands of fires occur every year in the United States, in restaurants just like yours. In some cases, faulty electrical work or some other source may be to blame for igniting the blaze, but what keeps a fire going is fuel! If your kitchen has not been professionally cleaned recently, it’s time to have commercial restaurant hood cleaning done.
Grease that is trapped in the exhaust system of your kitchen is only good for one thing: elevating a minor grease fire to a 5-alarm inferno. You can’t prevent every bad scenario from happening, but there are certain measures you can take to reduce the risk of specific, catastrophic disasters. Having your kitchen hoods cleaned regularly is one of those things. This grease and whatever else might be trapped in your ductwork – dust, charcoal residue, or smoke –are dangerous. Not only can they feed the flames of a fire, but they can also reduce the quality of the air in your restaurant.

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Breathing in that old smoke or grease isn’t good for your employees who will be in your kitchen for hours at a time, and it isn’t pleasant for your customers, either! Despite what any other kitchen cleaner will tell you, the only way to remove the old, persistent odors in your restaurant is to have a professional team do commercial restaurant hood cleaning for you! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc specializes in kitchen exhaust system cleaning.

This process starts with a thorough cleaning of the hoods above your stoves, ovens, and fryers. Then, we move on to the ducts and exhaust fans. All the parts of your exhaust system need to be cleaned all at once and at regular intervals in order to keep your system working well, removing as much grease as possible from your cooking area. This service should only be done by trained professionals like the ones at Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc because it’s a delicate job. It requires the right cleaning tools and products to do hood cleaning correctly, but you also have to have a light touch since you’re dealing with flimsy ductwork and thin filters.

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If you aren’t sure if your restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system is as clean as it should be, call us anytime for an inspection! We’d be glad to take a look at your kitchen hoods, either to make sure your current cleaning company is doing what they say or to establish a new working relationship with you and your business! Once we’ve evaluated your system, we can recommend a cleaning schedule that is perfect for your restaurant.

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