Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Don’t risk everything by not having your kitchen’s exhaust system cleaned regularly! That may seem like a bold statement, but at Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc, we’re convinced that commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning is the only way to lower your risk of fires in your restaurant kitchen. Not only do we stand by that fact, but the facts are on our side as well. The National Fire Prevention Association requires you to have your commercial kitchen professionally cleaned on a regular schedule for the same reason. Our technicians are certified and highly trained according to the NFPA’s regulations because we want you to be covered when the time comes for your random inspections!

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Our services are guaranteed to be 100% compliant with the federal government’s standards. That’s one less thing for you to worry about, and one more reason to trust Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc over any other commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning company in Houston, TX! We’ll get your kitchen exhaust system clean again, down to a bare metal clean, as is recommended by the government health agencies. But that’s not all. We can also guarantee that your kitchen cleaning will be completely environmentally friendly. Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc uses only approved chemicals and cleaning methods in order to protect the environment as we clean your kitchen exhaust system. There are several reasons to have your commercial kitchen professionally cleaned. Here are a few of the most important ones: It is an investment in your workplace and in your employees.

Grease Trap Cleaning

You perform regular maintenance on your car to keep it running great, and you take yourself to the doctor for yearly physicals, even when you are feeling fine. These same principles hold true for your commercial kitchen’s exhaust system. You may not see the direct benefit of commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning, but you will experience an overall cleaner, healthier workplace. Have it checked out and cleaned regularly to prevent future problems and to improve the overall working environment for your employees. It decreases the risk of a devastating fire breaking out in your kitchen. Grease fires may happen from time to time in a busy kitchen, but you don’t have to let a little accident destroy everything you’ve worked for.

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You can prevent a small flare-up from bursting into a full-on fire that consumes your restaurant. Having a clean duct and kitchen exhaust system ensures that even if a flame reaches high enough to touch the ductwork, there is no built-up grease to add fuel to the fire, giving you a chance to contain the blaze before it does any real damage. It encourages proper air flow throughout the work area. Not only does your commercial kitchen exhaust system pull smoke and grease out of the air, but it also keeps the air flowing to keep the room comfortable.

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