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Owning a restaurant is an adventure. Every day is different from the one before. To be sure that each day is better than the one before, it takes a lot of effort on your part! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc knows that, and we strive to make it a little easier to run your business smoothly and profitably. We are commercial kitchen cleaners Houston can depend on! We provide Houston with commercial kitchen cleaning services that you can trust. It isn’t every day that you find a contractor who wants the best for your business.

Restaurant Fire Prevention

Most are just interested in their payday, but with us, it’s different. We invest in our clients, because we know that’s an investment in our longevity as well. Knowing that our customers are satisfied with their service is the best feeling we can have, and their recommendation to friends and colleagues is the best thanks they can give us! We are a certified, licensed kitchen cleaner. We stay up-to-date on our employee training, insurance, and licensing so that your inspections and cleanings are capable of withstanding even the most invasive inspections.

We also keep up with national and local fire codes and regulations so that we can pass this information along to you. Things You Might not Know about Federal Fire Codes The kind of commercial kitchen cleaners Houston needs are the ones who can work with you, not for you, to make sure that you meet all the government’s strict guidelines for keeping your kitchen exhaust system safe from the risk of fire. At Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc, we can advise you on general and specific topics concerning your kitchen exhaust system. For example, you are required to have access panels installed in your exhaust system. This ensures that your kitchen cleaners will be able to adequately reach all the areas of your exhaust system. If you have a newer system, this step was probably taken when your system was installed.

Older exhaust systems may need to be updated to meet the NFPA standards. It’s recommended that your system has access panels installed at least every 12 feet of duct work. We can make sure that your system is compliant with this measurement. Also, your exhaust fan should have hinges installed on it so that your fan is more stable and less likely to give you problems in the future. A hinged fan is easier to navigate around during inspections, and moving it frequently for routine cleanings won’t cause it to get out of alignment.

Industrial Hood Cleaning

Hinges can even make your exhaust fan stronger at its base and, therefore, last for many more years. Details like these can be overlooked if you hire an inexperienced contractor to clean your kitchen hoods and the rest of your exhaust system, so don’t choose just anyone. Commercial kitchen cleaners Houston can trust are now just right around the corner! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc is conveniently located and always in the business of keeping Houston’s commercial kitchens as clean as they can be!

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