Commercial Hood Cleaning in The Woodlands

If you own a restaurant in or near The Woodlands, TX, you need dependable kitchen cleaning services. One of the only places to find that is Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc in Houston, TX. We do the commercial hood cleaning in The Woodlands for all types of restaurants and other commercial kitchens. We don’t just clean your kitchen exhaust system. We strip every bit of grease and oil from your kitchen exhaust equipment, down to the bare metal as the NFPA recommends. A dirty hood over your stove or oven can act like kindling for a small grease fire. What could be extinguished easily will quickly turn into a blaze that will require a call to the fire department and extensive fees and repairs that you probably don’t have the time or money for.

Don’t risk it by skipping those all-important hood cleanings! It’s a fact that you are required to have your commercial kitchen hoods cleaned, but it’s also true that it benefits you and your restaurant as much as it protects your employees and patrons. You’ll be glad that you have regular hood cleaning and inspections if the worst happens and a fire flares up unexpectedly.

Restaurant Fire Prevention

Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc team members clean commercial hood vents according to national and local fire prevention codes, so you know that you’ll always be up to date and in accordance with your city’s fire department and with national fire codes – without having to know these codes yourself. Our services go well beyond commercial hood cleaning in The Woodlands. We’ll start by cleaning the hoods inside and out, then we’ll move on to the interior of the ducts system. We check the filters and either clean or replace them, depending on the type you have, the manufacturer’s recommendations, and the amount of grease that they have accumulated.

Finally, we inspect the exhaust fan and clean it if necessary. One of our customers’favorite things about Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc is that we can accommodate your cooking schedule. We can clean your kitchen hoods while your restaurant is closed so that you don’t lose any business during our cleaning process, or, if you own a 24-hour establishment, we will work with you to choose the lowest volume hours to disrupt as little of your business as possible. We are a certified provider of commercial hood cleaning in The Woodlands, TX.

West Texas Hood Cleaning

We lead the pack when it comes to professionalism, value, and simply giving customers what they expect and more! One look at our customers’ before and after pictures, you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. You’ll also appreciate the time we take with each job to make sure it’s done right, from the evaluation to the follow-up inspection and all the subsequent services that you’ll want to schedule once you’ve seen how easy we can make kitchen exhaust cleaning! From chain restaurants to independent establishments to hotels, hospitals, cafes, schools, and many other commercial kitchens, Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc is the best choice in the Houston area for professional kitchen cleaning!


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