Texas Hood Cleaning

Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc is your best choice for Texas hood cleaning, no matter what kind of commercial kitchen you run! Restaurants and cafeterias, as well as many other food service facilities, are known for using our services because we offer the fastest, most thorough cleaning for your kitchen hoods, exhaust vents, and duct work. Your restaurant will receive excellent ratings from your local health inspector when you keep the exhaust system clean. This leads to a good reputation with your clientele, which is always a good think in the restaurant business! We have highly trained specialists working for us, so you’ll receive the benefit of their expertise each time they come out to clean your kitchen hoods. These top-notch team members know everything there is to know about cleaning kitchen surfaces down to the bare metal, as is recommended.

Restaurant Fire Prevention

They can offer you several different services depending on a variety of factors so that you get the type of cleaning service that you want at a price that is affordable. Texas hood cleaning is mandated by the National Fire Prevention Association and the federal government. Depending on your cooking methods, you are required to have your kitchen hoods cleaned at a regular frequency. This could mean having a professional cleaning done once every 30, 90, 180, or 365 days. As you can see, there’s a lot of variation in those regulations, so you need to know exactlywhich standards apply to you. Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc can help you sort through it all! Keeping Your Hood Cleaning Up to Code We adhere to the NFPA’s Section 11.4 code which states, the entire exhaust system shall be inspected for grease buildup by a properly trained, qualified, and certified person(s) acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction and in accordance with Table 11.4. The table that is referenced outlines the specific requirements for restaurants that use solid fuels, charbroiling, frying, sauteing, or oven cooking. In addition, there are specific mandates for 24-hour operations and low-volume cooking establishments. If you don’t know exactly which category you fall into, this could result in a lapse of your routine inspections and cleanings. In addition, your insurance company could cancel or suspend your coverage until you become compliant with your required inspections.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Neither of these situations is desirable, but worse yet, you could experience a fire that consumes your kitchen when the duct system is too dirty to remove grease from your kitchen the way it’s supposed to. Fires like these are tragic because they are, for the most part, completely avoidable. Texas hood cleaning is a service that Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc provides to the Houston area and beyond! Don’t get caught with ducts that are dirty, dangerous, and not up to code! When you call us, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best service money can buy, and you’ll get to work with people who are truly passionate about what they do and take great pride in doing the job right!

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