Restaurant Fire Prevention

We’re sure that preventing a fire in your restaurant is one of your ultimate goals. Fire can damage and destroy property, but more importantly, it can injure employees and customers. In the worst cases, a restaurant fire can even cause deaths. You already know these facts, but what you may not know is which company can provide you with restaurant fire prevention that actually works. Now, your search is over! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc, with a location right here in Houston, is the #1 commercial kitchen cleaning company in the area! When something matters to you, you will do whatever it takes to care for it.

Whether the restaurant is yours or one that you manage, there’s no doubt that you take excellent care of it, and it goes without saying that you love the staff and patrons of your Houston establishment. Don’t put these things at risk by putting off your regular hood and duct cleanings! Doing everything you can to prevent a restaurant fire means calling the best team to clean your kitchen’s exhaust system. Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc employs an expert team of restaurant fire prevention pros. We depend on their experience and training to reach out to clients just like you. They can educate you on the way your kitchen’s exhaust system works, advise you on the recommended cleaning schedule for your establishment, and monitor your system for potential problems before they happen.

Restaurant Grease Hood Cleaning

The hood above your stove or oven can collect more grease particles than you realize. You may not even notice there’s an issue until you start to see brown or black stains developing on the outside of the hood. By the time you see these signs of the outside, the inside looks even worse! The filters and ducts are already coated with grease and other particles. And a bigger problem is that the grease that’s causing these unsightly stains could be just the thing a tiny flame needs in order to transform into an uncontrollable blaze. Restaurant fire prevention is serious business, and only a trained professional is qualified to clean your commercial kitchen hoods in a way that will parallel the local, state, and national fire safety standards.

Texas Hood Cleaning

Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc knows these standards by heart, so we will always provide you with a service that will stand up to any inspection at any time. We can also help meet requirements set forth by your insurance company. We can take a look at your policy with you, and together, we can decide if the government standards and your insurance policy are in line with one another. We’ll always comply with the more frequent recommendations, whichever they may be. Sometimes, our clients can save money on their insurance costs by pre-scheduling restaurant fire prevention procedures and then documenting them when they are completed. Let Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc show you ways to reduce the risk of dangerous and damaging fires in your restaurant. Call us today for an evaluation or to set up your next hood cleaning!

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