Restaurant Equipment Cleaning

Commercial kitchens see a lot of action. Keeping your restaurant’s kitchen clean should be your top priority since it’s where the magic happens! One bad customer experience or a poor health inspection score could destroy your business, so avoid those possibilities whenever you can! Restaurant equipment cleaning is a professional service offered by Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc out of Houston, TX. We know that you do daily cleaning in order to keep the cooking and prep areas of your kitchen clean and contaminant-free. You do your part, so let us help you by doing what we do best! We’re experts in commercial hood cleaning for restaurants and other food service establishments.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

We know all the proper codes that must be upheld in order to give you an outstanding rating, but we go even further than that. There are two other important reasons to have professional hood cleaning done. Grease fires are extremely dangerous, but highly likely in a restaurant that doesn’t have proper cleaning routines. Try as you may, you won’t be able to achieve the same kind of clean with ordinary cleaning products. It takes a professional touch in order to precisely clean the interior and exterior of your kitchen exhaust system, reducing the risk of an accidental grease fire exponentially. Likewise, those funky smells that you can’t seem to get rid of might be coming from your kitchen exhaust system. Restaurant equipment cleaning, done by a professional, will result in a clean that will look and smell like a brand new kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Houston

There’s no other way to eliminate long-term odors in your kitchen. The exhaust system is doing its job by pulling grease and smoke up through the ducts. You have to make sure that it can continue working hard by having regular cleanings done. Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc will deep clean all the surfaces of your kitchen’s exhaust system so that trapped grease never stands a chance of causing a fire or creating unsavory smells that exude from your kitchen. These things are very important to everyone who enters your restaurant, so they should be important to you as well! We’ll begin our services with a full inspection of your exhaust system, and we’ll report those findings back to you.

When we arrive to clean your exhaust system, the first thing we do is to tape off any nearby equipment so that chemicals and waste materials can’t get on them as we clean. Then we systematically clean the exhaust system, starting with the kitchen hoods and working our way to the exhaust vents. When we’re done, every part of your exhaust system will be 100% free of grease, grime, and smoke residue! It will be exactly like having a brand new system. Only pros like Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc know the proper steps to follow in order to protect your property, your employees, and the environment. If you are interested in restaurant equipment cleaning that makes a difference, you need none other than Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc for kitchen exhaust and hood cleaning services!

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