Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Kitchen hood cleaning is a very important part of maintaining a clean, safe kitchen for your business, but it can be hard to find exactly the right company with the tools and training to clean even the hard-toreach places inside your kitchen’s exhaust system. Luckily, Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc is located in the heart of Houston, TX for all your kitchen hood cleaning needs! We mentioned two very important words earlier. Let’s take a closer look at why professional kitchen hood cleaning is necessary for your Houston business.

Clean There’s no better clean than a professional job! Scrub with all your might, but you’ll never be able to achieve the kind of clean that we can! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc has access to the highest grade commercial products, so when we tackle a job, we’re ready with the most powerful products on the market! As the owner of a cooking establishment, you probably know that grease is nearly impossible to remove from kitchen surfaces. Just imagine how hard it would be to get rid of it in tighter and more fragile areas.

Hood Grease Cleaning

We’re talking about your exhaust ducts here, and we’re pretty sure you’ve never seen the inside of them. Most people never do, except the likes of trained professionals like the ones at Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc! Don’t waste your time and energy trying to clean your kitchen’s exhaust system yourself. Without the top cleaning products and specialized equipment, you won’t even be able to scratch the surface of the issue anyway.

Trust Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc pros for professional kitchen hood cleaning services that make a BIG difference in the overall cleanliness of your restaurant! Safe The majority of restaurant fires are, in some way, related to cooking with grease. Letting grease and other particles build up in your kitchen’s exhaust system is not only disgusting, but it can put you at a much higher risk for fire. Your stove and oven generate a lot of heat and harmful chemicals while they are being used. The only way to safely remove these potentially dangerous particles is to have a proper exhaust system. In turn, you also need to have the exhaust system cleaned regularly in order to make sure that it can do its job consistently.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Besides the risk of fire, you must also think about the air quality inside your establishment. It isn’t safe for your employees to constantly breathe in air that is riddled with oil, charcoal, and other particles. Your customers probably won’t appreciate the smell, but they’ll be in and out in a shorter amount of time. Your employees, on the other hand, will be spending hours at a time inside your restaurant, some of them never leaving the kitchen area.

Give them the best air quality that you possibly can! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc has been in the kitchen hood cleaning business for many years, and we’re proud to offer our expertise to all commercial kitchens in the Houston area! Call us for a free evaluation today!

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