Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services

The exhaust system in your commercial kitchen is the first line of defense against a devastating grease fire that could destroy your business. Therefore, being pretty sure that the ducts, vents, and hoods are 100% clean simply inst good enough. You need confident assurance and a professional guarantee that these things are as clean and safe as they can be. Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc offers comprehensive kitchen exhaust cleaning services that fit that description. In addition to our certified guarantee to give your kitchen exhaust system a bare metal cleaning – the kind recommended by the federal government and the National Fire Prevention Association we will also treat you, your employees, and your customers with respect and professional courtesy. Maybe you are aware of the national standards for restaurant cleanliness, but did you realize that each state and the local district can have its own standards, as well as separate fire prevention measures? Even some longtime restaurant owners are unaware of these rules until they fall victim to a catastrophic fire that destroys their property, only to find out that they were ultimately at fault. In addition, if you do not adhere precisely to your insurance policies terms, you could lose out on any damages that occur during a fire if your kitchen exhaust cleaning services are not up-to-date.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Keeping the exhaust system in your kitchen clean isn’t complicated. In fact, all YOU have to do is pick up the phone! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc Service will do the rest! However, if you don’t request our services, there’s nothing we can do to prevent fires in your restaurant kitchen. Other than reducing the risk for fire, there are other great reasons to hire a professional team to clean your kitchens exhaust system. You can avoid breaching your lease agreement. Some leases can be voided immediately if the leaser determines that you are neglecting your kitchens exhaust system. The leaser has the right to protect themselves from damages and loss of property by inspecting your kitchen exhaust system. This can be heartbreaking news anytime, especially if you have finally secured a prime location for your thriving business. You will maintain compliance with your roof warranty.

Restaurant Fire Prevention

Your exhaust system feeds up through the ceiling and into the roof. Your roofer can guarantee their products or workmanship or both under reasonable circumstances. This doesn’t include avoidable scenarios, such as grease fires caused by grease build-up in your kitchen exhaust system. You ensure a safe, clean environment for everyone who enters. Your customers and employees will notice and appreciate the difference kitchen exhaust cleaning services make in the cleanliness of your restaurant. They will be able to smell and feel the fresh, clean air that is a result of an efficient kitchen exhaust system.

Professional kitchen hood and duct cleaning is a necessary service for your Houston restaurant or commercial kitchen. Ignoring the signs of a dirty exhaust system will only cause you bigger problems in the future, all things that are avoidable with regular exhaust system cleanings from Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc in Houston, TX!

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