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Houston restaurants are required by law to gain Houston TX hood cleaning certification. This means that your system is mandated by more than just the national laws. You also have a responsibility to your city’s to keep your commercial kitchen inspected and professionally cleaned throughout the year. A clean kitchen exhaust system is your best bet to reduce the risk of fires in your restaurant. It is estimated that between one-half and one-third of the restaurant fires that are reported in the U.S. each year originate in the kitchen. Of that number, a large percentage of them cause catastrophic damage. In many cases, the fire damage is so extensive that the restaurant cannot reopen without extensive remodeling or even rebuilding from the ground up.

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Another reason Houston TX  hood cleaning certification is so strictly enforced is because it prevents a fire from spreading from your venue to surrounding buildings. One of the main priorities is to contain fires before they spread, so that makes hood cleaning services vitally important. The less fuel a fire has, the easier it will be to contain. Grease and oil trapped in your kitchen exhaust system are one of the best sources of fuel for a fire, so it stands to reason that the cleaner your hoods, ducts, and vents can be, the less chance there is that a fire can rage there. According to Section 2.9.1 of the Houston Life Safety Bureau’s inspection and testing manual, all vent hoods and fire suppression systems in all commercial kitchens must be inspected and serviced every 6 months, regardless of what kind of cooking takes place in that kitchen.

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The manual correlates with the NFPA’s standards, and it refers restaurant owners back to their kitchen exhaust system’s manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning. The uses this manual as a guide for their regular inspections. It guarantees that your kitchen vent hoods, exhaust ducts, fans, and all appurtenances are clear of any grease accumulation. This is the most important step in fire prevention for your restaurant. All of these things, plus your local health inspector’s standards, must be done in order to ensure your doors stay open! More importantly though, the Houston TX hood cleaning certification is designed to keep people safe and to protect you, the restaurant owner, from loss of property.

Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc based out of Houston, TX is familiar with these codes and standards, so we will make absolutely sure that your restaurant kitchen is in line with them at all times. When you use Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc, you’ll not only get the assurance that you’re always going to be up to par on all the existing health and safety regulations, but you can also relax knowing that you have a friend in the professional hood cleaning business! We will do everything in our power to make your job easier and give you one less thing to worry about!

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