The Houston Museum of Natural Science is one of Texas’s most popular tourist destinations. Located in the heart of downtown Houston, the museum is home to over 4,500 specimens and artifacts, making it one of the largest natural history museums in the United States. Learn information about Houston, TX. 

The museum’s most popular attractions include the Butterfly Center, the Houston Zoo, and the Cockrell Butterfly Center. The Butterfly Center is a rainforest environment home to more than 20,000 live butterflies. The Houston Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the country and is home to over 6,000 animals. The Cockrell Butterfly Center is one of the unique butterfly exhibits in the world, featuring over 3,000 live butterflies. The Houston Museum of Natural Science also offers a variety of education programs, including classes, camps, and workshops. The museum’s education programs provide participants with an understanding of the natural world and its many wonders. Whether you are a resident of Houston or a visitor from out of town, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is a great place to spend a day. Thank you for reading this article. Discover facts about What You Need to Know About Discovery Green in Houston, Texas.

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