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Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc specializes in cleaning commercial and industrial kitchen exhaust systems. Few companies in the area offer such a specialized service, but it’s one that is needed by all Houston area restaurants – not to mention a whole lot of other places! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc does everything by the book so that your business is left spotless. We can help you get rid of those lingering smells that like to hang around in commercial kitchens because we can reach the tricky places where grease and dust like to hide.

Cleaning the inside and outside of your kitchen hoods will keep them looking nice, but it also reduces odors in your kitchen. The last thing you want your customers to smell when they walk into your establishment is last year’s grease, still hanging around in those hard-to-reach exhaust ducts! Some hood cleaning businesses in Houston may give you a nice cleaning job on the parts you can see but leave the unseen areas of your system untouched as well. This is as dangerous as it is unethical! When you pay for a service, you expect it to be done right, and we think that’s exactly what you should get! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc makes sure that the inside of your kitchen exhaust system looks as good on the outside.

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You can take our word for it, or you can have a look around when we’re finished. Either way, you’ll get the same high quality of service from our professional team! Dependable Houston hood cleaning has never been easier to find or more convenient to get! We are only a phone call away, and we do all types of hood cleaning, from food trucks to fine dining establishment. Any business that has a kitchen can benefit from our services! You’ll enjoy working with our delightful, dependable staff right away, and you’ll come to trust their advice as you allow us the honor of cleaning your kitchen exhaust system again and again! This hardworking team knows how to clean every inch of your kitchen exhaust, so you won’t have to go behind them to make sure they’ve gotten every speck of grease and charcoal out of the vents, ductwork, and the hood itself.

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When you choose us, you’ll also be up to code the next time state inspectors come out unannounced, as they usually do. By law, you are required to have your kitchen’s exhaust system cleaned periodically. Don’t let some hack who says they can professionally clean your kitchen handle the tricky job of hood cleaning, too! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc in Houston, TX has the tools it takes to professionally clean your kitchen exhaust system. The exhaust system of a commercial kitchen is much more complex than your kitchen at home. Not just everyone has the right tools and products to clean your kitchen hoods, vents, and ducts properly, so this is a job that should definitely be left to the pros! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc wants the opportunity to show you how the job is supposed to be done!

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