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A lot goes on in the kitchen of your restaurant. Frying, sautéing, roasting, baking, grilling, smoking, and braising can produce a lot of unwanted chemicals and other particles that get released into the air on a daily basis. Without a reliable exhaust system to remove these things, all these little bits would float around in the air until landing on a clean surface in your kitchen. Hood cleaning is crucial to the safety and enjoyment of your customers, and it’s something you’re required to do by law as well. It will help you manage the smoke, grease, and steam produced while your cooks create delectable dishes so that your restaurant smells like tonight’s special rather than last weeks! We recommend that every Houston-area restaurant, hotel, cafeteria, and the school has their exhaust system evaluated by a professional hood cleaning service such as Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc.

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Companies like ours can not only give your kitchen the cleaning of its life, but we can also recommend a good cleaning schedule that will keep you compliant with federal guidelines. There are many benefits of hood cleaning besides keeping your local health inspector happy: Keeps the entire area cleaner When your exhaust system is working properly, those little floating particles we mentioned earlier won’t exist. They’ll immediately get pulled up into the hood and taken safely out of your kitchen so you’ll never feel that sticky residue coating the equipment and floor in your kitchen. This improves the air quality and makes the entire area smell clean and fresh rather than stale and musty. Prevents fires Unclean ducts, especially those in your kitchen exhaust system, are a fire risk that you can’t see from day to day, so it’s likely that you’ll let grease and grime build up in there.

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One out-of-control flame could ignite the delicate ductwork, and the grease inside can fuel the fire better than practically any other material. Adds years to your exhaust system’s life just like your cooking equipment, your kitchen exhaust system needs to be taken care of so that it can perform its maximum life expectancy. For the same reason that you change the oil in your car or replace the air filters in your home, you should also have the regular hood cleaning done in your commercial kitchen. Could save you money on insurance Check with your insurance company, because some will offer you a discount on your business’s insurance if you schedule regular hood cleaning when it is recommended.

This is something that varies from one company to the next, and you may need some type of verification, but it’s worth checking out. In the restaurant business, every little bit helps! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc is a professional hood cleaning service with a location in the heart of Houston, TX. Our services are ones that you need if you own a restaurant, café, bar, bistro, fast food establishment, or even a food truck! We can clean any size hood in any commercial kitchen, and we’re just a phone call away!

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