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Louisiana is home to some of the world’s most unique dishes. Broiling, boiling, frying, and blackening seafood are some of the most common ways Louisiana chefs achieve those delicious flavors. If you’re going to run a successful restaurant in the bayou, you’ll have to perfect each of these cooking methods. But you know that’s not all it takes! You’ll also have to maintain a clean kitchen that’s safe to work in and meets all the local, state, and national health and fire codes. This will include kitchen hood cleaning Louisiana health inspectors will approve of. While that side of the business isn’t nearly as fun to think about,
it’s a crucial part of your business that can make or break your restaurant. Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc can help! It’s our business to professionally clean your commercial kitchen. We proudly offer several different hood cleaning services to ensure that you get exactly what you want when it’s time to have you kitchen cleaned. You’ll be able to choose an option that’s well within your price range and one that gives you the type of clean you’re after as well. Whether you run a restaurant of some other food service establishment, keeping your food preparation, cooking, and serving areas clean should be your top priority. This, after all, is what keeps everyone in your restaurant from getting sick. You should also think about the hood cleaning Louisiana requires in terms of its benefits for your restaurant.

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You’ll be less likely to experience a fire when the ducts, vents, and hoods are kept clean, and you will save money not having to repair your kitchen exhaust system when it remains clean and can work efficiently. These are all benefits of having your kitchen hoods cleaned often. You may wonder, though, how often is enough? Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc fields this question all the time. We recommend that any time you start to see buildup inside or outside your kitchen hoods, you give us a call. We can inspect them and clean the entire system if needed.

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However, the official requirements for hood cleaning Louisiana restaurants must abide by is as follows: Once a year – Non-grease appliances such as soup vats only need to be cleaned once a year. The same is true for low-volume kitchens such as the ones used for summer day camps or senior centers. Twice a year – Pizza restaurants must have their exhaust systems cleaned 2 times a year. In addition, any establishment with oven hoods should have these cleaned at the same frequency. Every 3 months – Most restaurants fall into this category, as do cafeterias, and hotel and hospital kitchens. This applies to facilities that are not open 24 hours.

Every month – All other restaurant types, including 24-hour establishments, fast food restaurants, and those using charcoal or wood burning stoves should all have their kitchen exhaust systems cleaned every 30 days. By following these simple guidelines, you can make sure that your restaurant is lawfully compliant with the national standards and that it is a clean place to sit, relax, and enjoy a delicious Louisiana meal!

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