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According to state and federal law, and in some places local laws apply as well, every kitchen exhaust system in every commercial cooking establishment must be professionally cleaned. This is unavoidable, and truthfully, it benefits your restaurant in more ways than one. Commercial hood cleaning in Spring, TX is a specialty of Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc. We serve restaurants, hospitals, hotels, cafeterias and all other food service establishments. Any kitchen that has a hood and ductwork over the stove which removes smoke, steam, grease and fumes from the atmosphere is on our list of potential customers!

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The exhaust system in these types of kitchens, no matter how good it is, will leave behind a residue inside the ductwork. It’s usually grease, but it can also be comprised of heavy smoke, dust particles, soot, or ash. Not only is it dangerous to have these particles hiding out in your exhaust system, it’s also unsanitary. When these particles build up inside the kitchen exhaust system, it can be a major fire risk. That’s why commercial hood cleaning in Spring, TX is such a vital service to your restaurant’s kitchen. Consider the chain of events that could lead to a four-alarm fire in your kitchen: A small flame flares up accidentally on the stovetop. The fire reaches just high enough to touch the filter inside the hood above the stove. The exhaust fan pulls the fire through the ductwork. A thick layer of grease serves as fuel to keep the fire growing as it tears through the ductwork.

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Once the fire gets to this point, there’s not stopping it. The fire department may be able to put it out, and a modern exhaust system can to keep it contained within the ducts so that it doesn’t reach the rest of your restaurant. But at this stage, you’ve already incurred major damages that will be costly and time consuming to repair. The only way to reduce your risk of fire in your commercial kitchen is to have your regular maintenance done by a professional company like Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc! As if a fire wasn’t bad enough, you could find yourself paying for the repairs out of pocket if you are found to be at fault for the fire.
One of the only ways that can happen is if you are not compliant with the national fire safety governing kitchen hood systems. Your insurance company will require an extensive investigation to make sure that you have followed all the proper documentation from your previous exhaust cleanings. Besides fire prevention, commercial hood cleaning in Spring, TX has the distinction of making your restaurant a safer place to work for your employees. The air quality inside your kitchen will be better when the exhaust system is working effectively. Additionally, it will improve the air flow in the room, making it much more comfortable in the kitchen without turning the air way down. Don’t put off such an important restaurant cleaning service!

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