Grease Removal in Houston, TX

There’s no other way to say it…if you cook with grease in your restaurant, then there’s the potential for grease to coat every surface of your kitchen. Just the thought of it is enough to make you cringe but think about all those customers out there, eating food prepared in your kitchen. Don’t they deserve the very best that you can provide? We expect that the overwhelming answer to that question is YES! Therefore, Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc is here to offer you a much-needed service for your Houston restaurant! When it comes to grease removal in Houston, TX, you’ve found the best! We are highly trained and experienced, so there’s no situation we can’t handle. Removing grease from inside your kitchen hoods is our specialty. An unqualified contractor may be able to spruce up the exterior of the hood and make it look sparkly and new, but they won’t touch the inside, where the real trouble is lurking! Don’t be fooled by one of these contractors.

Kitchen Hood Cleaners in Texas

Just because someone says they are qualified, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to be fully covered when the health inspector or fire marshal shows up! Grease removal in Houston, TX isn’t rocket science, but it DOES take a lot of training, the right tools, and powerful yet environmentally friendly cleaning products. Oh, and a lot of the good kind of grease, elbow grease! Only Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc can guarantee that you’ll find all these things in one place. We can help you not only meet but exceed the health and cleanliness standards specified by the federal government. When we’re finished, your guests and employees will notice a difference in the air quality of your kitchen. The exhaust system is responsible for removing the bad smells, such as burned food or raw fish, but it can also remove pleasant smells that will turn sour if they hang around. This is inevitably the case in restaurants and other commercial kitchens that use charcoal, smoke, and/or grease to cook on a day-to-day basis.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Grease removal in Houston, TX is just one part of the services provided by your friends at Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc! we will also inspect the entire exhaust system to make sure that everything is installed properly and that it is working correctly. At this point, we can also make recommendations for how often your kitchen exhaust system should be cleaned according to the federal requirements, your hours of operation, and your main cooking methods. Cleaning your hoods is only the beginning. A thorough, professional kitchen exhaust cleaning will start with the hood, where all the grease enters the system, but it should also entail the filters, fan, and the ductwork. Yes, it is a tedious and difficult job to reach every part of the exhaust system, but that’s what we’re here for! Don’t hesitate to call if your kitchen hoods and exhaust ducts could use a good cleaning. We’ve seen it all in our line of work, and we’ve cleaned it all!

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