Fire Department Restaurant Safety

You can make all the rules that you want for your restaurant, but there are certain ones that every restaurant must follow. These are codes and standards set forth by the federal, state, and local governments in which they reside. These requirements are for everyone’s safety and the reduction of property damage for restaurant owners and nearby homes or businesses. When you need to be compliant with fire department restaurant safety standards, there’s only one company to call: Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc. We have a convenient location in Houston, TX that serves the greater metropolitan area and outlying communities. Commercial kitchen cleaning is our business, so we make sure that our work builds on our already strong reputation. Each job, each customer, is important to us, and after just one encounter with our expert team, you’ll know that for a fact! Fire department restaurant safety measures are something that we take very seriously.

Hood Grease Cleaning

Our team is highly trained and undergoes perpetual training to stay current on the latest fire prevention strategies and requirements for all levels of government agencies and insurance coverage. When Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc performs your routine kitchen exhaust cleanings, you’ll know without a doubt that your establishment will meet or exceed any regulations you’re held to! In the event of a fire on your premises, the fire department will investigate, and based on the National Fire Prevention Association’s guidelines, your insurance company will determine who is at fault. When you have exhaust hood cleaning done on time, every time, there’s a much smaller chance that it will be yours! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc service adheres to the NFPA Guidelines and cleans commercial kitchen hoods according to section 11.4.1.

Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc

This ensures that you get the most thorough clean possible, and you’re 100% compliant with the guidelines as well. It isn’t required, but it is recommended that you have your kitchen equipment cleaned to the bare metal. This is the best way to reduce your chances of a grease fire getting completely out of hand. Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc pros only know one way to do a job: the right way! When we’re finished, you’ll have before and after photos that you’ll have to see to believe. And speaking of photos, we’re always happy to show new clients examples of what we’ve been able to do for other clients, just to assure them that we can restore a like-new gleam to their kitchen appliances. Keeping up with fire department restaurant safety requirements can be confusing if you don’t review them often.

As a busy restaurant owner or manager, we know that your time is limited, and every minute counts. Don’t waste your time learning, forgetting, and re-learning the codes and standards for your area. Instead, depend on a trusted name in commercial kitchen cleaning to help! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc can keep you in good standing with your local, state, and national guidelines, and we can give your restaurant a deep clean that you’ll have to see to believe!

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