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Restaurant owners all over Houston know that there’s only one company to call when they need their restaurants’ stove hoods professionally cleaned. Now, you, too, can have that same peace of mind because you can have the best hood cleaning service in YOUR area! Houston Hood cleaning, with our convenient location in Houston, TX, offers you the best commercial kitchen cleaning Houston has to offer! Restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, and schools are all considered commercial kitchens. These facilities serve hundreds of people a day. In most cases, they can handle that many meals at a time, for breakfast,
lunch, and dinner! When you start crunching the numbers, it’s easy to see how a commercial kitchen can become extremely dirty in no time.

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We’re pros at commercial kitchen cleaning Houston restaurants. Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc can be in and out of your commercial kitchen within just a day or two, depending on the amount of cleaning that it requires. We won’t quit until your equipment looks like new again! Many first-time customers are skeptical that we can make their old, dull hoods look brand new after years of use, but they are always intrigued by our collection of before and after photos, and they’re full-fledged believers when we get done with their commercial kitchen! If you haven’t ever given much thought to keeping your commercial kitchen clean, even in the places you can’t see, the time has come! There are a few really good reasons to have your hoods cleaned regularly: 1.It’s the law! If you own a commercial kitchen, it’s your legal obligation to have your kitchen hoods cleaned at regular intervals.

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Skipping mandatory cleanings could result in low scores on your next health inspection or, worse, getting shut down completely. 2.A clean exhaust system improves the air quality inside your commercial kitchen. If your restaurant uses grease or smoke to cook, you could be seriously polluting the air that your employees and customers breathe! You must have a dependable air exhaust system in place to keep people inside your restaurant healthy. 3.Less grease trapped in your exhaust system reduces the risk of fire.

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Grease leaves your restaurant’s kitchen through the hood above the stove, then it travels up through the exhaust system of ducts and vents in your ceiling. If these areas accumulate grease, one little spark is all it would take to set the whole kitchen ablaze in moments. After hearing these facts, aren’t you ready for commercial kitchen cleaning Houston can depend on? Thanks to Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc, your search is over! We are a trusted name in commercial kitchen hood cleaning.


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