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Cafeterias are unique food service facilities. Unlike restaurants where people trickle in, these kitchens are often preparing food, serving full meals, and cleaning up all within a matter of a few hours. Things move fast in cafeterias, whether they serve school children, top executives, or live-in convalescents. Making sure that the cafeteria is clean day after day will reduce sickness and provide the best possible environment for food preparation.

Cafeteria kitchen hood cleaning is, therefore, one of the best things you can do to make sure that your kitchen is a safe, clean place to prepare healthy meals. Just thinking about an excess of grease building up in your kitchen exhaust system will get you thinking about having it cleaned by a professional, and if you could see what we see, you’d never delay another cleaning! Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc specializes in kitchen exhaust cleaning because you deserve the peace of mind that comes with professional, efficient, thorough cleaning services.

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We can help you avoid grease fires that start in the cafeteria and can possibly affect your entire establishment, forcing the school, business, or hospital you serve to shut down. This situation could result in lost profits or displacement of students, residents, or employees – a disaster that you want to avoid at all costs! In addition to the unpleasant thought of grease, smoke, soot, and ash building up in your ducts and kitchen hoods, you also have to think about what’s best for your employees, the people who spend hours at a time inside your cafeteria’s kitchen. The air that they breathe should be the highest quality possible, and you should keep the kitchen at a comfortable temperature.

Cafeteria kitchen hood cleaning can help in both of these areas. The exhaust system can remove more unwanted particles when it is kept clean, plus the flow of air through the kitchen will circulate cool air, keeping your kitchen staff more comfortable as they work. In a cafeteria, there is usually a variety of foods being prepared at one time. From meatloaf and mashed potatoes to pizza or salad, your patrons can always find something to suit their tastes. As the manager of a cafeteria, it’s your job to prepare each menu items to the best of your kitchen’s ability at each meal. A clean kitchen exhaust system will ensure that no smells of grease, smoke, or steam will linger, contaminating today’s delightful aromas with yesterday’s! Regularly cleaning your cafeteria’s kitchen hoods and exhaust system will eliminate this problem! Cafeteria kitchen hood cleaning is mandated by the government and by local fire codes. In most cases, it’s also a condition of your insurance policy.

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Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc can help you meet all of these health and safety standards because we’re familiar with the codes and standards that govern all types of food service establishments, including cafeterias. There’s no need for you to fill your head with unnecessary information concerning these rules when you can trust Houston’s best commercial kitchen cleaners to help you maintain a clean, safe kitchen!

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