Cafeteria Hood Cleaning

Every type of commercial cooking establishment across the country abides by the same health codes and standards. One of these requirements is that the hoods above all cooking equipment are cleaned regularly. You may only think of fast-food and sit-down restaurants needing hood cleaning services, but, in fact, every commercial kitchen should have its hoods cleaned from time to time. Cafeterias are no exception. Cafeteria hood cleaning is one of the many services we offer to downtown Houston and the surrounding areas. Cafeterias cook many different kinds of food on a weekly basis. Frying foods results in excess grease and smoke being pulled up into the hood and through the duct system.

Cafeteria Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Chinese cooking leaves behind a sticky residue, and with charbroiling, charcoal, or wood-burning ovens, soot and ash. Even baking and sautéing can give off tiny particles that you don’t want hanging around. For this reason, cafeterias should have their kitchen hoods cleaned often, but how often is enough? The U.S. government has regulated this so that all cafeterias, restaurants, hospitals, and every other commercial kitchen is held to the same standard. For the average employee or school cafeterias, you should have professional cafeteria hood cleaning services done once every 3 months. The hoods above non-grease cooking equipment, such as soup vats, only need to be cleaned once a year.

If your kitchen exhaust system hasn’t been cleaned in a while, or if it’s just now coming due for a regular cleaning, give Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc Services Inc in Houston, TX a try! We’re a reliable, fast-acting company that can be in and out within just a few hours. For most cafeterias, we can do your hood cleaning services during your off hours so that you don’t lose a moment of productive time that you need to prepare and serve food. Houston Hood Cleaning Services Inc Services Inc specializes in this service because it is so important to the safety of your establishment. It is estimated that one in three restaurant grease fires is the result of excess grease. When an accidental flame shoots up from the stove or when a fryer gets things heated way up in your kitchen, you want to be sure that your exhaust system is clean and clear of all cooking residue.

Commercial Hood Cleaning Certification

Grease build-up in your exhaust system can ignite with very little encouragement. Clean hoods, ducts, filters, and fans can make the difference between an inconsequential kitchen accident and a fire that burns your establishment to the ground. Cafeteria hood cleaning is, therefore, the most important thing you can do to protect your cafeteria’s kitchen from the dangerous possibility of fire. Not only is it the law, but it’s an invaluable safety measure.

The newer your cafeteria is, the more likely it is to have certain safety measures in the exhaust system which will help contain a grease fire, but, in our opinion, it’s much better to know that your exhaust system, from hoods to ducts to fans, is as clean as it can be at all times and highly unlikely to promote a fire.

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